Wednesday, December 7, 2016

35. Role of the Moon for Progeny.

Sun Light is trapped in the leaves by the plants to convert water absorbed by roots and carbon-di-oxide got from atmosphere into a form of energy called Glucose. Science has termed this process as Photosynthesis. It is most vital for the survival of the plant. The Sun Light is absorbed by Chlorophyll, a green pigment in leaves.

Will the leaves get anything from the moon light???

What has our scriptures got to say about it. Let us see.

Purusha Sukta which is a part of Rig Veda describes the Cosmic Being. While mentioning the advent of moon it says “Chandrama Manaso Jatha” meaning out of the Cosmic Beings mind came the moon. Generally when addressing a mentally ill person we hear people use the word “Lunatic” the word Luna is moon in Latin.

We Indians know since ages that moon represents the mind. The emotions of a person have a subtle link to the waxing and waning of the moon. There are instances where people often complain to the psychiatrist that their sleep is disrupted on full moon day. Despite all the available modern comforts to sleep lunar cycles still alter our brain activity to influence the mind and disrupt sleep. So the influence of moon on mind is not a mystery.

Our ancients believe that Surya is Atma Karaka and Chandra is Manah Karaka. Consciousness is Sun and Mind is Moon. Sri Sri Sankara explains very well in Tattva Bodha the characteristic of the Jeevatma (Individual Consciousness).

Jeevatma is an amalgamation of Consciousness and Mind. Jeevatma feels like Paramatama (Absolute Consciousness) and thinks it is invincible. This Jeevatma is likened to an iron ball which is black and cold in Tattva Bodha. When the iron ball which is black and cold is thrown into a blazing fire the ball will become hot and red by acquiring the characteristics of the fire. Without Consciousness the Jeevatma is just a Preta (cluster of thought). This cluster of thoughts is also referred to as Sukshma Deha (Subtle Body).

In Akshara Parabrahma Yoga, the chapter 8 of Bhagavad-Gita Sri Krishna talks of two paths taken by the Sukshma Deha after death. Those who have attained liberation merge with Him by taking the Sun Path (merger with Absolute Consciousness). Those with unfulfilled desires and untold ambitions take the form of Preta and is reborn again to fulfil them. The Pret takes the Moon patha and from there it takes the route to the vital fluid of male species through plants.

The Moon sheds light what is called Chandrakanti which is absorbed by the leaves. The Preta slips from the moon beam onto the leaf and the leaf takes shape of the bud and the bud blossoms to be a flower and from the flower comes the produce, be it a fruit or a grain. The male species consume it and deposit it in the womb of the female species. The progeny continues.......

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