Wednesday, November 26, 2014

26. Message I got from my Grandfathers Groundnut Field ……….

I was ten years and studying in fifth standard when I had been to my native place, Gauribidanur 76 kms from Bangalore in my summer vacation. My grandfather had an acre of wet land and he used to grow groundnuts in it. The land was close to Uttara Pinakini River which had its source in Nandi hills. Every summer holidays we (me and my Akka/Diddi) would love to go to the place, though now there is no river and the sand mining mafia is illegally supplying the demands of the concrete jungle in Bangalore.

On one such occasion my grandfather took me to the farm land where he had the groundnut plants, they were small about two months old. I observed that my grandfather was plucking the plants; I was surprise and asked him why he was doing so. He said, “I am just taking off the weeds (kale) that are grown not the groundnut plant.” That was the first time I came to know about weeds. He further explained, “These weeds absorb all the nutrition from the soil required for the groundnut plant. It is necessary to pull them out every now and then.”  I asked him, “Thata, in the first place why did you sow the seed of that weed?”  He laughed and said, “No farmer would sow those seeds.”  I was surprised “Then how would these weeds grow?” I asked. “They sprout from the soil and grow all by themselves, but if we do not weed them out they out grow the groundnut plants and will reduce the yield” he said.           

If I introspect the words of my grandfather now, if I am the Kshetra (Field) and Kshetragna (owner of the field) is the Absolute. He would always want superior thoughts, words, and deeds to sprout in the field as my grandfather wanted only groundnut plants to grow. Inferior thoughts, words, and deeds are like weeds that grow by themselves from prakriti (Maya), no matter how much I try to control them, they always germinate. It is important to regularly weed them out every time they grow. Those inferior thoughts devour the vigor that my Consciousness emits for the nourishment of superior thoughts. If I do not constantly examine them they may prosper one day and subdue my superior thinking. Dealing with inferior thoughts as soon as it is obvious is the key because with very few it is manageable. If would be difficult to handle them if it completely takes over as my grandfather told weeds would consume the groundnut plant. Once the weeds (inferior thoughts) have taken over my groundnut field (superior thoughts) it is going to be a back-breaking and painful process to uproot when they are more. Not that it cannot be done, but it requires lots and lots of effort and pain. It is wiser to pluck the first sign of a weed.

With very few or no inferior thoughts, I can align my Individual Consciousness with the Absolute Consciousness and ask for the organic manure called the “Dhi Shakti” (creative power) and with the use of my intellect I can use it to cultivate superior thoughts, words and deeds that come about through me ………..  Isn’t it?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

25. Our THOUGHTS have capacity to alter Our HEALTH!!!!

On an average we have about 60,000 thoughts in a single day!!!!!

All philosophies endorse the importance of good thoughts and warn about the consequences of thinking bad. We need to understand the difference of good and bad thoughts. Definition given to good thoughts is that “Good thought is the act of affirmative thinking and using of intellect to reverse the damaging effects of negative thoughts and get rid of depression, unhealthy feel.”  

A negative thought develops pessimism which is unfavorable to one’s mental health and adds to stress. 
We are unaware of the fact that negative thoughts have physical manifestations on our health. Feelings like fury, uncertainty, worry, envy, greed etc can trigger aches, pains, or illness in the body and also slow down our recovery from diseases.

Pregnant women are advised to read inspirational and motivational literature to enhance good thoughts so that there is no place for negative thinking. The good thoughts particularly at that time will help develop the personality of the child in the womb, since it is aware of the thoughts of the mother.    

Laughter is the best medicine. So let’s keep smiling. It is contagious and spreads positive energy. It requires something like 42 muscles to frown but only 17 muscles to smile. Like wise science has made research in the ill effects of negative thinking, For example: a person who has jealous nature is easily affected with acidity problem. People who are adamant in behaviour are susceptible to jamming of joints, arthritis etc. this is like an indication of their non-flexible behaviour on their body which restricts their movement. Problem of indigestion could have its roots from not accepting the change, new ideas, people, or situations in our life.

It is better to start good thoughts instead of thinking to stop bad thoughts. Always we have to think of the consequences of a thought like: will it yield good fruits or bad, and then decide to apply and implement it. If we don’t like an idea that crops up we have to search and seek the opposite of it.

Instead of thinking of something as a mistake we can think of it as an opportunity for improvement. It may seem like a silly little play on words but it’s a huge difference in approach and attitude in how we think about things.
To think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If you leave your mind to itself it will spiral down into ever-increasing unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however, requires effort. This is one of the things that discipline - training - is about. - James Clavell, in his novel Shogun 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

24. Free Your Mind from Desires but HOW???

We try to convey our thoughts through words but it is not always possible to convey all that we have in our thoughts through words.

Words are sounds to express our ideas. If I mention the word “Dog” all those who are listening will get the memory of that animal. There are few words which do not bring the same familiar thought in all as the word Dog” did. These words which when expressed bring different thought in every individual and hence we find difficulty in understanding them, one such word is Conscious.”  

We see through our eyes but all that we see does not get registered in our mind, and to perceive what we see we have to be Conscious. The thought that sprout after perceiving a thing can affect our emotions or will power. Therefore Conscious is of threefold nature and our mind is total aggregation of Conscious grouped under Thought, Will Power, and Emotion. We are always experiencing Conscious in our wake stage.

If this statement is to be believed it is so in animals also. Even they have thoughts, emotions, and will power, if so how does our mind differ from that of animal mind?

No two individual will react in a similar way to perceptions, but two animals do normally react similarly. One can easily make out the difference of individual reaction in the human world than in the animal kingdom. Animals react differently within the limits of instinct while humans react according to their material or intellect or spiritual needs. This is the vast difference.

We humans are divine beings and our mind is a glimmer of our own spiritual being. It is this mind which gives us the sense of “I-ness” and uses the sense-organs to perceive the world and make us attentive to our emotional nature and of our ideas. Without it a person is unable to desire for pleasant moments in future or forget his past unpleasant events. Having said that if one observes our mind has more thoughts of future than the thoughts that make it brooding over the past.

So now we can pinpoint the mind to be thinking of future due to desire that has its tentacles gasping and controlling the mind and corrupting the otherwise pure faculty of Conscious. So what is this mind then? 

It is colorless pure and unpainted canvas, being merely “Conscious” but is colored by the alterations that it constantly undergoes by the cause of the limiting thoughts or feelings or ideas on which it is dwelling. While some of these color painted are from past lives, some are new colors of present life. Hence we are told first to free the mind from desire which color canvas of our mind with brushes of senses.   

Is it possible to keep the canvas of mind pure and prevent the desire from excreting pressure on senses to paint on the canvas? 

YES..... If so, How??

Mind is a one of the conscious principle among the unified hormonal trinity namely Atma (Soul), Buddhi (Intellect) and Manas (Mind). Therefore it has three features: the Will Power feature (Soul), the Emotional feature (Intellect), and the Thought feature (Mind). 

Mind (thought feature) if influenced by Soul is Spiritual Will Power and if illuminated by Intellect it is Intellectual Will Power. If mind is not influenced by either by Soul or Intellect it is driven by the Kama (Desire) propelled by any one of the five Indriyas (Senses) to spin the web of wantons.

If one assumes that desire must let go of the mind it will never happen, but when one understands that it is mind that has to refuse abide to the pull of desire then there is a start. The next level is Spiritual Will Power feature of mind that comes into play when one realizes the necessity of freeing the mind from desire with the Intellectual Will Power.  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

23. The Four Essentials and the Fifth……………!

In this modern world every thing seems to look as make believe. The ability to perceive the inner sense is lost. What appears outside is easily accepted. Wealth is appreciated but the way at which that richness is earned is not the point of view. The reality is veiled by illusion in each and every step. There is an enormous and continuous effort by the developed countries to subdue the real economy and make us believe of stability in the time of recession. Why are we cheating ourselves by becoming attracted to make believe world? Was it so like this before? 

This human mind is the one which is attracted to whatever it finds fascinating. Though the senses are the first to get notice of the facts outside our body, it is our mind which is attracted to the one that give immense pleasure to it. In a way it is the mind that is the enjoyer of the pleasure. Hence it has become a slave of it and also wants the same to be projected out. This attitude of the mind will never let the intellect to justify the pros and cons. 

This is not a recent feature for the mankind, a poet writes “A person has to have the four essentials called
VIDYA (Knowledge), VINAYA (Modesty), VAK (Good Speech), VIVEKA (Wisdom), to live in a society.” After writing this verse he continues that even if all the above said four essentials are absent in him he can survive if he has VASTRA (Dress). This is Make Believe!!!!!!! Being well dressed is quite natural but doing it to impress other is not the way. 

Once a British asked Swami Vivekanand, Why can't you wear proper clothes to look like a gentleman? Swami Vivekanand smiled and said, In your culture, a tailor makes a gentleman; but, in our culture, character makes gentleman.

What was Gandhiji’s take on dressing? Was he not respected by the people across the globe? Was it the appreciation for his Dhoti or for the Vidya, Vinaya, Vak, and Vivek he had? 
And by that he wore on his body he could impress the whole world! We all know how his contemporaries who were well dressed behaved too. A person may impress anybody by the way he has dressed but the deep inside he will very well know that without the Vastra, which is outward attribute he is a big ZERO if he does not posses the other essential four............Right??????