Tuesday, December 6, 2016

34. Mind & Consciousness....

The moment the mind realises that “I am, so the World is” then it has comprehended the Vedantic reality. The mind which imagines that “World is, so I am” it is yet in the iron clutches of materialism. What is written in the first line as “Mind” is that which is inside when it projects outside it is matter. When projected outside it assumes the form of subject, whereas in relative sense it is only an object to the subject (Consciousness). Mind exists because of Consciousness. 

Consciousness and the Mind are like Sun and Moon respectively. Moon shines because of the Sun, Mind flourishes because of Consciousness. So in that sense both are inseparable. 

Mind performs dual role. In one role it induces desire which incites action. In the other role it reacts or responds to the situations. When Ego dominates Mind reacts, when in conjunction with Consciousness Mind responds.

We humans are born with a bundle of thoughts. There is thought sphere in which we all are functioning. It is hard to conclude whether the thoughts come from outside or they are transmitted through the genes, or both. In the process of dispensing with them we accumulate more and more of them. The memories of the past and the fantasies of the future are the fodder for the thought. 

Mind full of thoughts is clouded. When Mind is clouded it cannot transmit the light of Consciousness in fullness. Mind has to be crystal clear. The clouded Mind does not grasp the whole. The flip flop of the Mind makes it clouded. Mind does not stay in one place it is always oscillating between the past and the future. It is this oscillation that formulates the Mind. If the Mind is in the present it is no longer needed. Mind has its presence in the future as well as in the past not in the present. 
This oscillation between the past and the future entwines the thought to become a knot, and astonishingly it is the same Mind which untangles it. 

It is interesting to know that the very instrument used to free ourselves from the thing called “Mind”, is the Mind. Hence some ancient seers and modern thinkers feel that there is no such thing called Mind. Hence they point out to Consciousness reiterating the Mahavakya of Upanishad “Tat Tvam Asi.”  That is what Advaita mean the oneness.  

If this is true does Mind exist???

  • Yes, Mind does exist but it has four features. Mind still is Divine; Mind swaying is Human; Mind stalled is Guru; Mind swinging is psychotic.

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