Saturday, January 9, 2016

32. Beware of Mind Attacks!!!!!

When the blood flowing to and from the heart is blocked we suffer a Heart Attack. This could lead to immediate death of an individual. Fortunately we have Cardiac Sonographers who can help us scan the heart by doing electrocardiogram and echo cardiogram to locate blockages. The blockage is then repaired by Angioplasty and the patient can have a new lease of life. The reason for this blockage could be anything from rupture in the plaque to cholesterol build up in blood vessels or low potassium or magnesium in blood to stress and strain. Whatever could be the reason if one is precautions to get the Echo-cardiogram done he can be treated appropriately.

There is another attack which happens almost unnoticed which is called Mind Attack. The cause for this attack is negative thinking. When thinking itself is in the realm of mind, a thought that surfaces could be positive or negative. As humans we do not have control over the thought. But we can understand that if a thought is negative it can drive us to depression and there is worry which follows and finally fear engulfs.

Depending on the type of thoughts that are generated our closeness to our Self is decided. A negative though drags us far away from our true Self while a positive thought takes us closer to it. When there is a continues flow of negative thoughts our mind develops Mind Attack and this attack on mind would then need several births to get repaired not as easy as the repair done to heart in Angioplasty.

Mind attack caused due to persons or things outside us can be healed in a matter of few days as they are like common cold. When the mind is attacked by our own negative thinking it takes much more time to heal as it could be chronic. Mind Attack by other person could be healed just by forgiving that very person but the attack inflicted by our negative thinking though could be healed takes a lot of time and energy.

Every time a negative thought props up our intellect warns us to discard and get diverted from it but the sad thing is often the warning is neglect. As the mind is satisfied by running after those thoughts which gives instant pleasure, forgetting what is pleasing for us in the long run.

In my childhood days my grandparents would warn me of having negative thoughts by mentioning about “Asthu Devathas.”  They would tell me that Asthu Devatas, two in number were demigods who keep uttering “So Be It” and the moment I have a negative thought and they utter “So Be It” the inauspicious might happen. The point though was to highlight “Yat Bhavo Tat Bhavathi” (As your dispositions, so are the Happenings) which Lord Krishna preached Arjuna when taking about the Trigunas namely Sattva (positive) Rajas (passion) and Tamo (passive) in me.

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will……..What say???